• SBS's smart move giving a digital touch to its network brands

    "A brand is first and foremost built in function of the consumer. As soon as you have a strong brand and added references, the rest will follow." It's a quote of Happiness CEO Karen Corrigan in De Tijd, when being asked to comment SBS’s choice to rebrand its TV-networks VIER en VIJF into Play4 and Play5.

    "It's a clever way to add a digital touch to its networks and it’s a smart move to meet the challenge of reaching all its different target groups on all its different devices."

    "As a Creative Consultancy Agency, we tackle such multi-level challenges for our clients every day."

    Read the rest of the interview here: https://www.tijd.be/connect/sbs/entertainment-2025/slimme-zet-om-het-digitale-gevoel-over-te-brengen-naar-klassieke-zendermerken/10279656.html

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