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Happiness is the ultimate rebellion

Against negativities.
Against impossibilities.
We are here to help brands to spread Happiness.
Because brands that spread Happiness matter and do better.


From ‘Creative Connectivity’ to ‘Creative Consultancy’

As Creative Consultancy Agency, we trigger creative thinking that triggers business. Our strategic thinking is creatively inspired. Our creative work strategically driven. And on top of that, we know how to make things happen. This unique combination makes us the perfect partner for pragmatic and creative briefings, solutions or innovations that go way beyond making ads. We tackle every challenge you have, from consulting to publishing, with creativity at the core and as differentiator for your brand.​


From ‘Brand’ to ‘Platform with a Purpose’

Brands that are recognized by people for a purpose beyond profit grow more than twice as fast than other brands. Consumers choose to buy from and engage with brands that have a purpose. For brands whose purpose, values and vision align with their own. At Happiness, we love and know how to co-create a brand purpose that truly connects. And how to create a communication platform entirely built on and inspired by that purpose. Some examples: Quick from BurgerBrands, SPA waters, BRU waters, Marktplaats/2dehands from Adevinta, DVV Insurances from Belfius and others.​


‘Purpose’ & ‘Community’

When people connect with a brand purpose, they want to engage with the brand beyond buying its products or using its services. Therefore, brands with strong purposes can build, grow, and activate strong communities, aligning with values, attitudes, and behaviours of audiences. They become communities that share the purpose and help to bring it alive.


‘Community’ & ‘Brand as a Publisher’

With the existing ‘connection paradox’, it’s no longer sufficient to ‘campaign’ your purpose in mass and other media. The paradox being that digital media & data make it easier to bring relevant messages to the right audiences but make it more difficult to obtain sufficient reach within these audiences. ​
Therefore, we see an increasing need for brands to connect to people’s daily lives in a truthful, always-on manner. To show up in relevant places, times, and contexts. To give honest perspectives on events and current affairs, with information people really want to see and entertainment people really want to enjoy. Hence, ‘brand as a publisher’. Implication: as your creative partner, we must think, act, write, create, and produce as publishers. This calls for a true paradigm shift at almost all of our departments.


From ‘Content as a Waste’ to ‘Sustainable Evergreen Serial Content’

There is a growing pressure on our industry because of the CO2 emissions generated by the content we produce and publish everywhere (including cyberspace). At Happiness, we believe our content should be ‘sustainable and evergreen’: it should really bring something extra to people, for a longer moment in time. And ‘serial’, in the sense that we can reuse it again and again and again, on different touchpoints, in different timings, and adapted to different communities, in all kinds of editorial formats.


From ‘Collaboration’ to ‘Co-creation’

In times where we need to create slow moving, fast moving and even real time content every day, it’s no longer feasible to have long processes where clients need to wait for weeks to see what the agency comes up with… praying it will be what they hoped for. At Happiness, we have designed a co-creation process in which clients are co-creators from phase 1 (strategy) till 5 (production and optimisation).


Creative management as curator

The more content, the more curation and canalisation is needed. At Happiness, we don’t believe in creativity for the sake of creativity. Neither do we believe in strategy for the sake of strategy. More than ever, all content coming from one and the same brand should have one tone of voice and one look & feel. To achieve this, we put an experienced ‘Creative Management’ at the centre of our processes, consisting of the Creative (Content) Director, the Strategic Director and the Business Director. Together, they are responsible for the creative product presented to you. This internal filter will help your brand move faster and better.


The holy triangle: Strategy – Creativity – Technology

Everything is media. Everyone is media. Everything is digital. Everything is technology.​
Creative technology is in our DNA. Proofs are game changing cases like ‘iQ font ‘where the car designed a typeface. Or ‘Blind Meters’, an online platform where you can experience how many meters you drive blindly while texting. Or ‘VOO Raging Banners’ where gamers who were ‘raging’ because of their slow internet, received a real-time banner to change provider and to choose the fast internet of VOO. Or 'Lays Crispy Subtitles', a plugin that pops up subtitles every time you are eating crispy chips. Or ‘Giant NFT’ that sold the secret of the Giant Sauce for 35,000 dollars, by creating a ‘Secret Giant Sauce Recipe’ NFT.​


Happiness Anywhere in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Saigon

Our URL reflects our vision.​
Technology literarily pushes boundaries and our industry can’t stay behind. Happiness wants to be a frontrunner in ‘talent-thinking’ versus ‘border-thinking’. Our industry is a talent industry. And talent can come from virtually ‘anywhere’. ​
For now, Happiness brings this talent together in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Saigon City. So that clients, wherever they come from, can benefit from all the talent in the Happiness group, independently of where they live or work.​
A group of 150 Happiness people is at our clients’ disposal. Physically when needed, virtually when possible.


We are UPMS​

In a world where change happens at a speed we can barely follow, agility is key. That’s why Happiness embodies the concept of UPMS or ‘Undefined Perpetually Mutating Specimen’. A speedboat mentality with a group of people from different generations, genders, places, ethnicities. All pragmatic and creative thinkers and make-it-happeners.


Your trusted and accountable partner
for all your Business and MarkCom
pre-occupations, ​as executer or as
broker with third parties.


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    At Happiness, our mission is clear: "Spreading happiness, everywhere." We firmly believe that happiness is the ultimate rebellion. Against negativities. Against impossibilities. Happiness aims to be a potent source of positivity, available to people and businesses, anywhere.
  • We're of the opinion that Happiness can play a pivotal role in shaping the world we inhabit, and it's incumbent upon our industry to confront and address societal challenges head-on.

    Happiness revels in collaborating with purpose-driven companies who share our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We help organizations craft their narratives and achieve their objectives through thoughtful, creative, and strategic communication. Together with our clients, we're on a mission to drive impactful change.
  • Our primary goal? To make people happy. Why? Because happy make great work. And great work is what makes people happy. You might say our people are our secret ingredient. They are our foremost ambassadors, spreading happiness within our teams, to our clients, throughout our communities, and across our planet.

    We firmly believe in the power of diversity, celebrating and fostering the unique qualities and backgrounds of our team members, irrespective of nationality or gender. We believe in learning from one another, growing together, and making the most of our differences.
  • Our focus is unwaveringly on the well-being and continual growth of our people. Twice a year, we host our legendary Happiness Days, where we realign with the agency's vision and values, growing together as a team. We offer personalized training programs, and we keep a close eye on our team's personal growth with regular 1-on-1, bi-monthly 15-minute, and yearly 60-minute feedback sessions. We've also introduced the Rocky Academy, an internal development program for our 'Rookies,' designed to equip them with the fundamental knowledge they need for our business and their roles.

    We take pride in being both skilled professionals and conscientious human beings. We hold ourselves to lofty standards of transparency, accountability, and social and environmental responsibility. We're dedicated to using our business as a force for good, measuring our success not solely in financial terms but also by our ability to drive meaningful change in the world.
  • Our planet holds a special place in our hearts; it's the one thing we all share. Our people, our clients, the communities we cherish—they all call this beautiful planet home. That's why, each day, in ways both big and small, we strive to have a positive impact on our planet. Our headquarters itself is an environmentally friendly masterpiece, constructed from 64 repurposed shipping containers. We're diligent recyclers, judiciously reuse plastics, and actively promote remote work. We've also introduced a mobility plan and regularly purchase secondhand furniture, all while educating our team on the importance of these efforts.
  • Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility isn't confined to our work for clients. We proudly provide pro bono services to NGOs and organizations that champion causes close to our hearts. We're dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and championing social justice in every facet of our operations.

    All this because: we are good and we are good.

    We do everything to make people happy. Because happy people make great work. And great work is what makes people happy.

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